I met Alison in front of the Moms and Babes class I had just attended, hosted by Nicci in Kloof. She was getting ready to give an introductory presentation on Infant Massage to the next Moms and Babes class. Unfortunately I had an appointment and could not join.

During our Moms and Babes class, we did learn a little bit about baby massage, but that was nothing compared to what one learns in Alison’s workshop.
I only attended Alison’s workshop when my baby was 7 months old, and already on the MOVE, so she was not too fond of lying still and being massaged at the sessions.
But at home, after learning the techniques at each session, I was able to massage her in her own environment. Alison’s workshop is taught in such a way that one can still practice the different techniques if your baby is too busy on the move or sleeping.

Every session begins with a quick summary and revision of the previous session, which helped me a lot. Each technique is explained from a medical as well as physiological point of view and no question I asked was unanswered. This woman knows everything about HOW, WHY and WHERE to TOUCH a baby to relieve pain, discomfort, or expel poop, or just help baby to relax and improve baby's development. The Turquoise/Teal memory card with all the massage techniques is now hanging above my change table and every day we massage a different part of the body.

All mums should do this Workshop!

Manja Schubert

Manja Schubert,