Claudine Cancer patient

"I wasn't sure what difference Alison would make to my constantly tight shoulders and back. I'd been to a physio before her and found that salon massage therapists' standard methods left me with more pain and tension. Since Alison's a preggy belly specialist, I thought I'd give her a try with my advanced ovarian cancer situation.

As it turned out, my scar tissue and (NB: epithelial / superficial) tumour on my glands were causing havoc with my back muscle and lymph drainage. She figured out the lymph drainage problem and worked on it every time I had an appointment. I knew it worked when the "lumpy pain" behind my knee went away. She also massaged the scar tissue in my pelvis to help circulate blood flow. No one had ever thought to do that before and it was a little weird the first time but it worked surprisingly well.

It also helped relax my colon so now I have a happy bowel system too! After just 2 massage treatments, my oncologist commented on the improvement of my bowel sounds heard through her stethoscope - apparently that's a good way to gauge what's going on. Alison can't fix my problem but she certainly relieved my discomfort (and ensuing grumpiness!).

I hesitate to recommend this for all cancer patients because every case is different but in my case, Alison intuited just the right treatment and every session is worth it. If your oncologist agrees, then Alison can help relieve muscle stiffness / apathy, and circulation problems that often come with/after a chemo regimen (and lack of exercise).

Alison has certainly aided in my healing, she has empowered me and Nurtured me."

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