Liesel Israel

WOW! I went for a massage at Lasting Impressions Studio during my first pregnancy. It helped me so much and made such an impression- excuse the pun- that when I found out I was having twins in my second pregnancy, I knew exactly where I was going to go, as I had missed lying on my tummy so much in my first pregnancy.

I knew that I would get even bigger, and far more quickly, so I would definitely need regular massage. As my boys grew, my body was sore and tired, plus I missed lying on my tummy, except for the few times I was blessed to have a massage done on that amazing couch with the specialised preggie bump hole. I could lie on my tummy and our babes would be safe too. The massage was awesome, and definitely helped with all the aches and pains.

I urge all Daddies-to-be to spoil their “incubators"/moms-to-be with this wonderful experience!

Liesel Israel

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