Aliya Durban

To all the ladies trying to conceive,

I have tried to conceive for four years without much success. Been to doctors, changed gynaes three times, took Clomid and Femara for ovulation stimulation but it still didn’t work.

There was nothing really wrong.

I did not have PCOS or blocked tubes or endometriosis...hubby had a bit of a low sperm count which we managed to fix as he gave up smoking.

I decided to go to Alison for fertility massages last year around August. Alison was very understanding and passionate about her work and she makes you feel so at ease and forget about your infertility. She teaches you to nurture your womb and not to mention her magic hands which made me feel relaxed, after every massage. With the massages my cycle changed from 33 days to back to 28 days, I did the 3 months of going for her professional massage sessions. Alison also teaches you how to massage yourself at home for stimulation of the womb etc. which I did regularly.

Going to Alison will not only help you relax your body but your mind also. I am now 6 months pregnant.

The massages definitely helped in repairing my body's energy for conceiving.

I would recommend going to Alison for fertility massages to all ladies trying out there- You will not regret it!
Aliya Durban

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