Our Pricing

Please note, all first appointments are minimum of R470.00 and take an hour including time to complete medical history and signature granting permission,
For treatments to be performed, which is required by Law.
If the appointment runs over this time you will be billed for extra time used @ R125 for 15 minutes.

our prices

Fertility Massage

1st appointment 1hr fertility consultation R1000

(discount upfront payment rate)
combination of modalities & therapies
(minimum of 36 treatment sessions required - Total Cost: R15,900.00)

(minimum 6 sessions required over ovulation time
once you have completed the basic program or the package
that has been designed for you depending on your fertility issues)

2 weekly treatment sessions required for a minimum of 6/ 12 months
Minimum 6 sessions required over ovulation time for 6/12 months

The Benefits Of Fertility Massage

      • Assisting in creasing the blood circulation & oxygenation in the uterus and ovaries
      • Assists in relaxing muscles
      • Assists in braking down scar tissue, left from procedures & previous pregnancies
      • Assists body in preparation for pregnancy
      • Relieves water retention through lymphatic stimulation
      • Assists through neurological health in the treated area, helping the body to reconnect it's relays systems

My Philosophy

The International experts say that doing 36 to 40 fertility massage treatments over a 90 day consecutive cycle doubles your chances of a healthy pregnancy, even if you need assistance in falling pregnant. So with this knowledge every woman wanting to get pregnant should be having regular fertility massage treatments.

My programs are individually worked out according to my client’s issues and what combination of treatments or other services they are receiving or planning to do.

For example, my program for a natural planned conception is based on the client receiving a minimum of 12 sessions monthly, over 3 to 6 months of treatment (minimum 36 treatments required), to bring the body back into a balance.

Because I take a whole body approach to fertility, the program requires you to adhere to the eating plan, nutrients and vitamins required and for you to have total commitment.

To do this properly we need to start as close as possible to your first day of your cycle.

Once you have done 3 months of the above then we will reassess and possibly convert you to doing single sessions, over ovulation time, but a minimum of 6 sessions will be required before and around/over ovulation time. This can only occur, if we have seen the right changes in your cycle.

Different programs are put together if you are doing ivf/ exi or other treatments offered by medical fertility specialists.

Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

      • Relief from skeletal and muscular spasms / pain
      • Relief from nausea
      • Increase in energy levels
      • Increases blood and oxygen circulation
      • Assists in relaxing muscles
      • Moistens and nourishes mother's skin
      • Increases nutrients throughout the mother's body and increased delivery valuable substances through the umbilical cord to the baby

The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage on the Unborn Baby

Baby gets soothed, through the massage, when a mom is stressed, those hormones also reach the baby and can lead to a baby who's at increased risk of colic, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and is harder to soothe. Pregnancy massage can help counteract those stress hormones, so calm mom equals calm baby.

Inducement Massage

My inducement massage is a 3-part treatment, for mums having a Natural birth

Part 1: Specialised pregnancy intro massage
Part 2: (only performed after Part 1) specific trigger manipulations using aromatherapy oils
Part 3: (only performed after Part 1 & 2) specific trigger manipulations using aromatherapy oils

Total cost: R1600

If you happen to go into labour and give birth after the second session, the 3rd treatment session will be converted into a postpartum massage session.

My inducement massage is a 2-part treatment, for mums planning a caesarian birth

Part 1: Specialised pregnancy intro massage
Part 2: (only performed after Part 1) specific trigger manipulations using aromatherapy oils

Total cost: R1100

The Benefits of Inducement Massage

        • Induction massage helps to relax and calm your body, easing tension and helping to create a clear and grounded space, preparing baby and you for the birth process.
        • Induction massage can help elevate your natural levels of Oxytocin

Decreases your stress hormones.

      • Encouraging the descent of the baby into position, dilation of the cervix and facilitation of uterine contractions.
      • The massage will also help to release tension in your sacrum and pelvic area, therefore creating more space for your baby to move down into your pelvis.
      • We have a fantastic success rate with our induction massages, with most clients going into labour within 18-48 hours, of our finally treatment, often avoiding medical intervention.


Please keep in mind that at the end of the day if your body or your baby are not ready then it doesn’t matter what you do, you cannot force something to happen.

Postpartum Massage

Case studies have shown that doing 3 treatments increases breast milk supplies verses 1 postpartum massage session.

3 postpartum massage sessions rapidly help the body to heal and to prevent the baby blues or depressions starting.

Benefits of Postpartum Massage:

      • Encourages pelvic and abdominal organs to return to pre-pregnancy positions
      • Increases energy levels and reduces fatigue
      • Aids in returning uterus to normal size
      • Aids in releasing toxins and increasing flow of oxygenated blood to the muscles.
      • Strengthens immunity by the stimulation on the lymphatic system
      • Relieves muscle tension from birthing process and hastens the body’s recovery
        • Low back pain
        • Neck and shoulder pain
        • Scar healing
        • Headaches
        • Hand and wrist pain
        • Postural dysfunctions
        • Depression
        • Weakness and fatigue
        • Re-establishes pelvis structural integrity
        • Supports healthy lactation if nursing, helps with milk letdown or engorged breasts
        • Mom and baby bonding
        • Reduces stress hormones
        • helps you handle the physical demands of a newborn
        • speed the healing process of haemorrhoids or an episiotomy
        • reduce cellulite
        • ease muscle aches and fatigue
        • reduce swelling in the legs or any other area

Injury-Deep Muscle / Swedish massage

Subject to change without notification