Lana Smit

"When I met Alison at the Moms & Babes group I attend, I was immediately struck by the awesome amount of knowledge she had about babies.

Her energy & enthusiasm was absolutely infectious! Being in the few demonstrations she did at Moms & Babes wasn't enough, and so I signed up to do her Infant Massage Workshop. Massage is a wonderful bonding experience for Reve and I. It has taught me so much about her little body, what it needs, how it is developing and how I as her mother can help it to do so in the best ways possible.

I have learnt so much - and not just how to relax my child through touch (which is what usually comes to mind when you think of massage), but how positive touch actually stimulates the growth and development of the neurological pathways in her brain. I feel it has given me a fantastic 'toolbox' of positive touch - tools of how to approach & work through the common infant issues all moms face at some stage in their child's lives like colic, constipation, sleeplessness & teething.

To describe Alison as a massage expert would be a huge understatement, and to describe her as a baby expert would be the same!

What makes her Infant Massage course so unique and special is her vast amount of knowledge, not only in the field of massage but in the world of babies!

Having more than 20 years of experience in the massage and baby industries, coupled with being a mom herself, and what can only be explained as an unparalleled passion for what she does - Alison is a very special soul, and attending one of her workshops allows you the awesome privilege of tapping into her amazing pool of knowledge.

I will treasure the time Reve & I have spent around her as some of the most impressive and important times of my baby's life so far.

Thank you Alison - it has been a wonderful journey
you've started us on!"

Lana Smit

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