Cindy Labron

"I attended the Infant Massage classes when I had my first baby. I found the Workshop very interesting and exciting; I learned a lot and felt comfortable massaging my baby girl. She did not have any birthing problems, but she was a very active little girl, so the massages did help to relax her when it was time for bed. My daughter is now 2 years old and still loves getting a massage.

I have just done the workshop again with my 3 month old baby boy, who suffers with reflux. Doing the massage classes for his problem really has helped him. His reflux has become manageable now, he only has a small reflux now and again. I do the massage on him every day, and it works.

I really had fun going and meeting all the other moms and the little precious ones. We learned new things from each other (moms) and ideas on doing things for our children.

It’s an experience I think all mothers should go through, to help themselves and their little ones."

Cindy Labron

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