Ayesha Omarjee

I always wanted to undergo the infant baby massage workshops when Alison told me about the wonderful benefits it could bring for both baby and mum. I didn’t know Alison when my first child was born and with my second child life just got too busy and financially I didn’t have the extra cash so I didn’t end up going for it. Whilst I was pregnant with my third child I decided that come rain or high water I would save the money and attend the workshop and what a difference it has made for me and baby Aaminah. I will never regret this decision. I actually feel disheartened that my other two girls didn’t have a daily massage by me.

With my first two kids I was blessed with them not having colic or reflux. But with Aaminah she had both. She was always crabby and used to cry for hours at a time. She used to frustrate me as I didn’t know how to calm her down or relieve her discomfort. I became very moody with my husband and older kids and slightly depressed.

Infant baby massage has made such an enormous difference to both our lives. Aaminah is more calm and happy. She doesn’t cry as much and can play longer even by herself. The techniques learned, the wisdom and information given, the wonderful goody bag and meeting other mums is well worth every cent and time spent on each session. I highly recommend infant baby massage for all mums with young babies. You don’t know what you have been missing until you have come and experienced the classes. Thank you Alison for helping me bond with my little baby and keeping me sane.


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