Robyn-Jenna Turton

I went to see Alison for induction massages in the 3 days leading up to my 40 week checkup. I was racing the clock as I was trying for a natural delivery after a previous C section 22 month prior and so my Dr was not very happy with letting me go over 40 weeks.

After the 3rd massage on the Thursday morning I went into labour exactly 17 hours later (As Alison had predicted). Alison doesn't only perform the most amazing full body induction massage, she also makes you feel so relaxed and positive leaving each session feeling like "You have got this".

She was the positive reinforcing rock that I needed in my last week of pregnancy when I began to doubt the abilities of my own body. I can't thank her enough for what she helped me achieve by letting my baby choose her own birth date.

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