Inducement Massage – Georgie Kelly

I arrived at my first session of induction massage with Alison was at 39 weeks pregnant feeling very stressed about the birth of my second baby. I was super tense and had googled everything that was related to birthing. I honestly had over thought EVERYTHING!

Then Alison came into my life. Wow. It was like I was meeting a long lost friend right from the beginning. My body was exhausted. My mind was over thinking. Yet, she met me where I was at and I started my course of induction massage to allow this baby the opportunity to arrive by herself before the doctors started putting all sorts of pressure on.

It was the BEST decision I ever made. I left my sessions feeling so positive, relaxed and confident that I was going to birth my baby the way my body wanted to, and that I could in fact do this! Alison is so knowledgeable and I phoned a friend of mine after I left the first session and said to her, it was a holistic experience. Full body, mind and soul, I felt completely at peace after our sessions. Thank you Alison for being such a wonderful positive influence at the end of my pregnancy. You have got magic hands! Georgie Kelly (Inducement)

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