Essential Snuggle Pack

Available at The Massage Specialist Studio



Nicci Proome

Infant/toddler stimulation specialist & Infant/toddler sleep consultant

I was gifted an Essential Snuggle Pack from a friend. I had been really struggling with my injection sights from the progestone shots I was receiving during IVF. The injection sights look like hard tennis balls on the each side of my buttock; they were large and painful to couch. I tried all kind of home remedies, including hot packs, however, the hot packs were large and I had to stay lying down for them to work or they simply fell straight out of my underwear and onto the floor, I just didn’t have the time to lay down all day. I couldn’t believe the improvement after using the Essential Snuggle Pack! They are small enough to wear under your under wear and light enough not to fall out, I was able to carry out my normal work duties whilst warming up the oils used as the carrier for my progestone under the injection sight, after a few days, the massive bumps had been resolved, after weeks of discomfort, I couldn’t believe these little snuggle packs had come to the rescue. An added extra was how beautiful they smell; the sweet orange blend has such a unique fragrance and has such a lovely calming property.