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10 Stress reduction strategies

Stress is a major problem in the modern working environment and especially if you are trying to conceive. Many people are experiencing stress but attempting to ignore it until you are forced to deal with it is not a good plan. As you might assume, the less severe the problems, the easier they are to…
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Regularly receiving fertility massage provides many benefits

The International experts say that doing 40 fertility massage treatments over a 90day consecutive cycle, doubles your chances of a healthy pregnancy even if you need assistance in falling pregnant, So with this knowledge every woman wanting to get pregnant should be having regular fertility massage Regularly receiving fertility massage provides many benefits for the…
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What is Female Infertility?

When do you suspect that you have infertility issues? Medically, when you have not fallen pregnant after one year of unprotected intercourse? Emotionally, mentally and physically from the first time you start planning a pregnancy and it just does not happen, you need to start looking at your life style. Lowering the stress levels, considering…
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How can I reduce stress while I’m trying to get pregnant?

There is no hard evidence to suggest that stress can prevent you from becoming pregnant. However, stress can depress your immune system, raise your blood pressure and disrupt your hormonal function. Also, it can prevent you and your partner from enjoying this time of anticipation and pleasure. Without doubt, being concerned about your ability to…
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